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Cocktail in a Bottle Shipwrecked 500ml Bottle

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Cocktail in a Bottle Shipwrecked 500ml Bottle

A ready to drink bottled Dark 'N Stormy cocktail that will liven any party! This bottled cocktail has a powerful punch of blended black rums from Goslings with added spice from Falernum, ginger and citrus to balance. Just add a dash of soda and ice for the best Dark 'N Stormy you'll ever drink!

A powerful punch of black rum and ABV with strong ginger and lime

Say Hi to Shipwrecked! A classic, simple, but delicious riff on a Dark 'N Stormy, a cocktail using a blend of Goslings Black Seal Dark Rum and Goslings 151 Proof dark rum for added kick!

We have updated it a bit by adding Taylors Velvet Falernum, a Caribbean spiced liqueur that brings warm all spice and lime notes and a homemade ginger syrup, which means all you need to do is add ice and a dash of soda. 

Instructions: Pour 100ml of cocktail and a squeeze of lime into a glass. Drop the lime in. Add ice. A double dash of chilled soda. Stir. Taste, add more soda and ice if necessary. 

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