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Bray's Bees Borage Kent Honey 227g Jar

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Dive into Ditton's essence with our pure, local honey flavoured with the floral notes of Borage —crafted straight from Kent's own countryside.

Introducing Ditton's pride: Pure, local honey straight from the heart of Kent! Made with love and dedication by our passionate beekeepers in Ditton, each jar is a testament to the natural wonders of our region. Delight in the unrivaled taste of our honey, harvested from the blossoms of Kent's verdant landscapes. Experience the essence of our community's commitment to sustainability and quality. With every spoonful, immerse yourself in the rich flavors and floral notes that define Ditton's signature honey. Treat yourself to a taste of tradition and authenticity. Order now and bring the sweetness of Ditton's countryside into your home! Borage Honey is a very light and delicate tasting honey. They farm the borage to use in essential oils and move the bees onto the borage to pollinate.

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