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Cocktail in a Bottle Pre-mixed Negroni 500ml Bottle

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Cocktail in a Bottle Pre-mixed Negroni 500ml Bottle

I love a Negroni. It's my favourite cocktail. So much so that I've made 3 different kinds of bottled Negroni. Whilst a Negroni is a simply made drink of equal parts London Dry Gin, Bitter Aperitif and Sweet Vermouth, it's all down to preference as to how you like yours made. This is my House Negroni. It's what I make when I drink it at home, so my expression is punchy, full flavoured and after the first sip will beg you to go back for more. For best results freeze your bottle and glass for at least 2 hours. Then pour liberally over a large ice cube. Cut a coin of orange peel, pinch it to express the oils over the drinks surface, and rim the glass and discard. Cut a thick orange wheel, then cut in half. Garnish.

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